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“We cannot push away God’s call to full-time Christian ministry. We have to respond. We are now going to the Bible Institute to prepare.” —A believer saved and called to ministry through ABWE’s team in France

The Spiritual Need in France

Freedom of conscience and separation of church and state are widely practiced in the French Republic. Secularism is a cornerstone of French identity, and it follows that religious expression in public life is very limited. Previously a Roman Catholic nation before its secularization, about 55% of its population of 66 million consider themselves Catholic today—yet less than five percent attend church at least once a month. Protestants, Muslims, and other religious minorities enjoy liberty in the country. Only one percent of France identifies as evangelical, but the number is growing.

While the culture may be described as atheistic, humanistic, agnostic, or postmodern, God is moving in exciting ways in France, and there is an opportunity for evangelism, revival, and church planting missions in France.

Church Planting Missions In France

ABWE is proud to be part of the tremendous growth of churches and believers in France since we began ministry in the country in 1984. The ABWE team focuses on church planting, teaching at a Bible institute, and equipping believers and leaders in a large metropolitan center. There are many opportunities to reach the French with the gospel and help them grow in Christ, such as children’s Bible clubs, sports activities and Bible studies.

God is growing his kingdom in France—are you being led to join?


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Church Planters

If you are ready to serve alongside other missionaries and nationals in believing that God can build His church—even in a post-Christian nation, we want you as a church planter on our France team.