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The Spiritual Need in Paraguay

Paraguay is one of only two landlocked countries in South America, nestled centrally between Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia, and has a population of seven million. The capital and largest city, Asuncion, is the most densely populated, with nearly two million residents. San Lorenzo is the second largest city, with 250,000 residents, and has been a focal point for ABWE missions.

Catholicism is the dominant religion of Paraguay, comprising 85% of its population, while Protestantism, Judaism, and other religions are present. But Paraguayans are receptive to the gospel, especially in the context of friendship.

With a large percentage of the population under 30, the potential for youth and children’s ministry is tremendous. The younger generation is longing for spiritual instruction and positive role models, as many citizens are dissatisfied with the government’s long history of corrupt dictatorships.

Church Planting In Paraguay

ABWE started working in Paraguay in 1974. Today, we long for new missionaries who will partner with us and the local church to expand our reach in church planting, teaching, and leadership training.

Youth and children’s ministry workers can develop campus ministries and Bible classes in elementary and high schools. To help reach this group, we now partner with a camp that ABWE had previously established. We have a burden for training interior national workers for full-time ministry. Many people have trusted Christ through the Bible Correspondence School, and some of them are now members of ABWE churches and have entered the ministry.

Paraguayans love soccer, which opens another avenue for community outreach. Our team has held evangelistic soccer tournaments and wants to grow the sports ministry to include volleyball and basketball teams.

The people of Paraguay need trained spiritual leaders to effectively share the gospel. Will you prayerfully consider joining us so we can reach more Paraguayans for Christ?


We'd love to talk with you about how God is leading you.


Church Planters

We are looking for missionary teammates to join us in building God's kingdom in Paraguay.

Pastoral Training

We are looking for teachers with a desire to develop leadership and encourage pastors in Paraguay.


Missionary Training with Sergio and Becky

Both Sergio and Becky are second-generation missionaries! Sergio’s family has ministry roots in Paraguay and Chile. His parents are missionaries in Paraguay. Becky’s parents served in Ecuador and now in Argentina. They each responded to God’s call to ministry during their teens.…

Paraguay Medical Team

Our medical team trips, led by an IHM team member, use a combination of medical and non-medical personnel who work alongside a national pastor and missionary in the area. Daily clinics provide medical resources, including basic medication, vitamins and reading glasses, all of which help open doors for the gospel and raise the profile of the local church to draw in unbelievers.…