The Position

Did you know you can use your accounting skills while sharing the gospel? Our Costa Rica team desperately needs missionaries with accounting skills to help us in our ministries.

As an accountant with ABWE, you will:

  • Assist church members with accounting practices and help them manage their resources wisely
  • Bring your passion for the gospel and your commitment to helping Costa Ricans every day
  • Help the community and your ABWE teammates in other areas, including providing a warm welcome to new and prospective church members
  • Demonstrate God’s love at all times while building meaningful, lasting community relationships
  • Live an authentically Christian life and give testimony when asked

The Need

At ABWE, we believe God can use the people of Costa Rica to spread the gospel to the rest of Central America, and beyond. As an ABWE team member, you can permanently influence the members of your community by sharing your accounting expertise and your personal faith journey.

The Impact

Costa Rica is fertile for missions work, but many existing churches in communities across this nation cannot easily access rural areas with no Bible-based churches. As an accountant, you can help these churches manage their resources wisely, so they are better able to reach further and have a greater impact. Become an ABWE missionary and put your accounting skills to work for the gospel in Costa Rica.

Ministry Focuses

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