Bible Translator

South Asia

The Position

Do you have a desire to make the Word of God available to people in their mother tongue so that they can clearly understand what God’s message is for them? Join us in South Asia as a translator and help provide assistance to one of three active translation projects.

Or, choose a different unreached people group & language.

This challenging and rewarding role will impact every aspect of our ministry in South Asia. God will use your work to bring the Word of God to hundreds of thousands of people who have never heard the truth about Jesus Christ in their heart language.

Please contact us for qualifications.

The Need

In our translation office, we currently have three on-going translation projects. We need your skills to join our team to inspire and resource national translators.

The Impact

Use your love for language to share the gospel. We want to make sure the words of Jesus are clearly understood in every culture. From Scripture translation to English clubs, our translation and ESL ministries are bringing the message of the gospel to people and cultures around the world. We need qualified, creative people who are passionate about working with languages to reach others for Christ.

Not sure if you are a perfect fit?

You don't have to be! Learn how we can train you or tailor this need to suit your skills and passions.