Centurion Project Military Area Catalyst

United States

The Position

We are “Looking for a few good leaders!”… Men and women who have military experience, giftedness in networking and hosting training experiences, and a love for the local church. The Centurion Project exists to network and empower churches around military installations to disciple and support military leaders in their mission and the Great Commission. Our Military Area Catalysts are called to catalyze and advance this networking effort through personal engagement with pastors and the hosting of 3 training experiences each year.

The Need

Fort Bragg is the largest US Military base by population in the entire world. It is the home to over 55,000 military leaders and the Joint Special Operations Command. Soldiers, Marines, and Airmen are deployed out of Fort Bragg to places all over the World. There are currently 20 churches from 5 different denominations partnering together to “Capture Fort Bragg with the Gospel and deploy disciple-makers all over the World.”

The Impact

The Military Leaders at Fort Bragg are sacrificial missional leaders, have cultural intelligence, and the know-how to bring an initiative to completion. Many of the Military Leaders at Fort Bragg have certified foreign language training. Imagine an army of Semper Fidelis leaders becoming church planters, pastors, and missionaries. “We need you!” to help bring this vision to reality.

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