Christian Publishers


The Position

Chile is a field with many ministry opportunities that focus on supporting our evangelism and discipleship and church-planting ministries. Our “Grow Christian Publishers,” which reaches into dozens of churches through their Sunday School curriculum ministry, needs two graphic artists, three age-specific writers, and an administrator.

The Need

Chile’s recent history has left her youth and children lost in confusion, and Chilean church leaders are waiting to welcome you with open arms as their coworkers and fellow servants of the cause of Christ. Chile is becoming a launching pad for missionaries into unreached areas of the world and even across traditional borders into other North, Central and South American countries.

The Impact

Originally focused in the capital of Chile, the church-planting efforts of our team and our partners are now spreading into other cities. This type of church multiplication can be achieved more readily when done by both missionaries and national pastors. Will you join the team and help support Chilean believers as they grow the church in Chile through a variety of a evangelism and discipleship ministries and outreaches?

Ministry Focuses

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