Church Planters


The Position

As a member of our church-planting team, you’ll undertake one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs in all of missions. You’ll immerse yourself in Germany’s postmodern culture, plant churches in communities where there is little or no evangelical presence and build relationships with individuals who need to know Christ.

As a church planter in Germany, you will:

  • Demonstrate your natural abilities to lead, organize, partner and relate to Germans, foreigners living in Germany, and other ABWE missionaries
  • Minister creatively in a post-Christian, postmodern environment in a way that addresses the spiritual void of nonbelievers and builds bridges into German society
  • Work passionately and energetically to share the message of Christ and your personal story of faith, redemption and love
  • Cooperate with national partners effectively in a diverse, cross-cultural environment
  • Demonstrate a heart for discipleship, a love for people and experience in relationship evangelism

The Need

Germany is of incredible strategic importance in Western Europe, geographically and culturally. The Christian Church is in rapid decline. Of the 83 million people living in Germany, less than 2 percent call themselves believers. Instead, the atheism that is sweeping across Europe has gained a foothold. The opportunities — and needs — are vast. ABWE and the people of Germany need laborers who are willing to accept this great challenge because they understand the even greater reward.

The Impact

ABWE works in regions across Germany where there is little gospel presence and few evangelical churches. With help from national partners, ABWE missions teammates work in existing churches, and have the vision to plant new churches. You can change the lives of nonbelievers in Germany. Won’t you help?

Ministry Focuses

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