Church Planters


The Position

Do you feel God calling you to a life of service dedicated to a people ravaged by war and atheism? If so, we have a place for you on our Eurasia team. Help us bring the gospel and fill the void created by substance abuse, materialism and godlessness. Our missions team needs believers like you to help us plant new churches that will be a positive community influence for generations to come.

As a church planter, you will:

  • Help our team build creative ministries that will form the foundations of new churches across the country
  • Provide spiritual leadership for Eurasia’s new churches by training servant-leaders, answering questions about faith and sharing your testimony
  • Work in partnership with Eurasian nationals to plant churches that respond to the practical and spiritual needs of believers and nonbelievers
  • Train national missionaries who work in the context of the local church
  • Promote and support a reproducing discipleship model that incorporates cross-cultural missions throughout Eurasia

The Need

There is a tremendous need across Eurasia for spiritual and practical leadership. Decades of unrest and economic instability, skepticism and atheism, and substance abuse have taken their toll. ABWE and our national churches in Eurasia desperately need you to help us share the gospel and help people discover the hope that is available through Jesus Christ. As a missionary in Eurasia, you will have the opportunity to bring freedom to people trapped in spiritual darkness.

The Impact

You have an incredible opportunity to make an impact on generations of Eurasian families through your work as a church planter. You’ll help your ABWE teammates minister to the practical needs of struggling families while providing them with a path to knowing Jesus Christ. We’ve established a solid foundation on which to build — now we need your help to spread the gospel throughout Eurasia. Won’t you provide the spiritual leadership the Eurasian people so desperately seek? Please prayerfully consider joining our team in Eurasia.

Not sure if you are a perfect fit?

You don't have to be! Learn how we can train you or tailor this need to suit your skills and passions.