Church Planters


The Position

Do you have a love for people, a passion for sharing the gospel and a desire to live in another culture? The ABWE Portugal missions team needs church planters to bring the good news outside the walls of the church. As a church planter, you’ll build long-term friendships for relational ministry.

As a church planter, you will:

  • Pray individually for God’s Kingdom purposes. Pray for believers as well as those we are trying to reach. Pray for open doors with unbelievers. Pray additionally as the Spirit leads.
  • Make contacts and deepen relationships in the community. Spend time with unbelievers.
  • Learn the language and exegete the culture.
  • Train disciple makers. Help believers to follow Jesus with you and train them to help others to do the same. Pass on to them a disciple making mindset and equip them to use our disciple making tools.
  • Serve in church ministries as determined by you and the team.
  • Work at meeting the goals you set for the year.
  • Maintain your relationships with your prayer and financial supporters in the USA.
  • Care for other members of the ABWE Portugal team as needed.

The Need

Portugal is a nation whose people are predominantly Roman Catholic. The influences of the European Union, materialism and secularism grow unchecked. Over the past 20 years, the ABWE missions team planted seven churches in addition to our teaching centers, and eight of our nine church plants are pastored by Portuguese leaders.

Working as an ABWE missionary, you’ll support and collaborate with our national pastors and churches to plant at least one national church, pastor, and missions team within Lisbon’s four quadrants. This effort requires goal-focused believers who believe in collaboration, flexibility, and creativity, and who can share the Word of God with passion and accuracy.

The Impact

Use your skills to help fulfill the Great Commission. As Christians, Jesus has called us to go and make disciples of all nations, and we believe that process isn’t completed until these disciples are gathered into a local community of believers: a church. Church planting is the heartbeat of evangelism, and it’s at the core of who we are at ABWE. It’s hard work, but for those called to the challenge, there is no greater reward on earth than watching a community of believers fall in love with Jesus.

Shine the light of faith in Portugal with ABWE.

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