The Position

We are looking for missionaries to join our team and to undertake the challenging yet rewarding role of Church Planter. As a member of a church planting team, you will settle into a local community to see a new church started where there is little to no gospel witness.

Included in this work is the joy of:

– Working alongside national believers in church life

– Building of meaningful relationships with non-Christians

– Discipling new believers as they grow in their faith

– Networking with other ministries to see missions movements spread throughout the UK

– Seeing healthy churches established where there is little gospel witness

The Need

While the United Kingdom has a rich Christian history; over the past several decades there has been a drastic decline into secularism. This has left many communities without a gospel witness and neighborhoods lacking any Christians living in the area.

The Impact

As a church planting team member, you have the opportunity to use the gifts God has given you to help build the church. Although the process of Church Planting can be slow, there is great joy in seeing people come to the Lord as the gospel is shared.

Ministry Focuses

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