Community Outreach Coordinators

The United Kingdom

The Position

If you have a heart for building bridges in a community that needs a beacon of faith restored, we want you on our England team. As the community outreach coordinator, you will use your creativity and leadership skills to welcome new members into our church and connect people with the life-changing message of the Jesus Christ. Couples and singles who demonstrate patience, perseverance and a passion for the gospel are welcome to apply!

As a community outreach coordinator, you will:

  • Plan fun and engaging events that will attract adults and children into our community
  • Provide leadership and support to existing Baptist churches in the region to restore a vibrant testimony
  • Develop meaningful relationships in the community that share Christ’s love and strengthen the presence of the gospel
  • Bring an infectious passion for ministry and a commitment to Christ in your role as community outreach coordinator
  • Demonstrate administrative skill and financial discipline so you can use the resources God provides wisely

The Need

England’s influence on world affairs over the centuries in incalculable, and the Church of England was once a great spiritual beacon of hope. Today, England’s lighthouse of truth is plunged into spiritual darkness. Less than 3 percent of England’s people attend any church regularly. Despite its history as a religious nation, there is a tremendous need to rekindle the truth. Operation World reports that England’s rate of church growth is one of the slowest in the world, and many churches are closing their doors. The community outreach organizer must be willing to adapt to English life, recognize the need for patience in the pursuit of renewal and share personal stories that demonstrate how faith in Jesus Christ can change a person’s eternal life.

The Impact

ABWE is thrilled to report that our church restoration efforts have met with tremendous success! Our teammates have witnessed renewed church communities reclaim vibrant testimonies for the gospel. Our team has provided leadership and support to these communities, and we are delighted to see churches reproducing! With ABWE, you can share the gospel with community members who desperately need a fun and engaging way to connect with the Lord.

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