English Teachers


The Position

Volunteers to teach English. A Christian NGO offers classes to children in the most remote towns in Mongolia. During a few weeks every year, Christian teachers go to these towns to teach English, share the gospel, and to make connections with local people to eventually develop a Christian community among Christians in the area.

Anyone willing to teach English and connect with children and their families is welcome, although, professionals in the areas of education or veterinary are a perfect fit.

The Need

Mongolia has two sides: the city, with all the commodities, distractions and opportunities of any modern city. Then there is the countryside, where there is one remote town per county. Sometimes there is one small local church, sometimes a handful of Christians in one county, or, sometimes no local Christian is known in a specific town.

The Impact

Through this Christian NGO, children have the chance to learn some extra skills, like English during the summer. This improves their opportunities in the future to have better jobs or education. You will not only be impacting the children, but also the lives of their families by finding opportunities to share about the good news or connecting with local Christians and disciplining them.

Not sure if you are a perfect fit?

You don't have to be! Learn how we can train you or tailor this need to suit your skills and passions.