Lisbon Training Center Administrator


The Position

The Lisbon Training Center is looking for a new administrator who can come and help fulfill the Field Team’s vision of assisting national partners in establishing and strengthening local evangelical churches who will be able to reproduce. This position will require the daily responsibilities of maintenance, scheduling/administration, and communication with the ABWE Field Team leader and the Greater Lisbon Christian Academy administrator, as both entities exist on the same premise. The LTC is a great resource for local churches and non-profit groups as a place to have retreats and special services or events and as a place where ministry teams can be housed. The LTC also has a great program for STP workers (Short Term Personnel) who can come for two months at a time and assist with special building and maintenance projects, all to assist the ministry of the Gospel in Portugal.

The individual or couple would need to have a servant’s heart, experience with administration and leadership skills, the ability and desire to communicate well, flexibility, self-motivation and good follow-through. A working knowledge of the Portuguese language is preferred and the ability to appreciate and work within the Portuguese culture is essential. Any handyman experience with carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and automotive work would be very helpful.

As part of the day to day, the LTC Administrator would be responsible for the scheduling of the building’s use and maintaining of the building and grounds. Assisting with the mobilization and onboarding ministry of new missionaries, maintaining all equipment, and financial responsibilities are also expected.

The administrator will need to be someone who is passionate about the Gospel being proclaimed in all of these aspects!

The Need

Our team in Portugal has planted seven churches and transitioned them to local leadership, putting in place a model for continued expansion of the gospel. We have also built the Lisbon Training Center which houses the Greater Lisbon Christian Academy, where teammates skilled in education, administration and accounting, and leadership development are needed. By serving in the vital role of a teacher for missionary kids during Christian missions to Portugal, educators can free up missionary families to engage in important evangelistic work and alleviate the pressure of securing adequate education, which is a common reason why missionaries leave field service. Other opportunities to serve in Portugal include working within our established ministry to the deaf, children’s and student ministries, and more. Serving as an ABWE missionary, you’ll help bring up the next generation of believers and foster church planting in Portugal.

The Impact

This position provides a great resource for the ABWE Field Team and for local churches as they strive to fulfill the Great Commission by multiplying leaders, churches, and missions movements.

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