Mature 2nd Career Team Members


The Position

Have you been involved with your local church for years now by teaching, serving on boards, inviting people into your home and into your life? Is God putting a desire in your heart to leave the corporate world, perhaps, or to sell your business and use your spiritual maturity and life experience to ‘lead from behind’?

If you know God has something more for you, let’s start a conversation.

The Need

Ireland is a deeply spiritual country where most of the residents identify as Roman Catholic, and many are skeptical of Protestantism. Less than 1 percent of the Irish people are evangelical believers, yet Irish youth demonstrate responsiveness to the truth of the gospel. With over half of the nation under 30 years of age, you’ll have an incredible opportunity as a community outreach team member to reach people for Christ.

The Impact

The opportunity to influence the Christian Irish leaders of tomorrow is nearly limitless! There is a wealth of relationship-building opportunities in Ireland, and success here is limited only by your imagination and willingness to get involved. You can alter the course of community members’ lives through outreach in sports, music, counseling, teaching and more.

Not sure if you are a perfect fit?

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