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The Spiritual Need in Ireland

Ireland is globally recognized for its long history with Christianity, which was introduced in the 5th century. The preaching of St. Patrick and others led to the founding of monasteries that became the famous centers of culture and learning in Europe. While the country developed a Roman Catholic majority, England developed political involvement that dominated Ireland’s history for many centuries. In the 1690s, a system of English rule was designed to materially disadvantage the Catholic majority and Protestant nonconformists who resisted Anglicanism. As a result, to this day the Bible and Protestantism are associated with political oppression.

As with other predominantly Catholic European states, Ireland underwent radical secularization in the 20th century. Overturning its vocal Catholic population, Ireland legalized abortion in 2018, marking a new era of moral revolution. And while much of the country shifts towards secularism, the landscape among the religious is shifting as well. The country’s Eastern Orthodoxy, Hindu, and Muslim populations have seen significant growth due chiefly to immigration, with Eastern Orthodoxy being the fastest-growing religion in Ireland. The younger generation is searching for truth.

While less than two percent of Ireland’s five million people consider themselves evangelicals, God is raising up young leaders who need the support of missionaries to help them spread the love of Jesus.

Church Planting Missions In Ireland

ABWE’s approach to ministry in Ireland is to mentor and assist our Irish partners as they build faith communities and plant churches. The younger generation is being reached with the gospel through student ministries. Team members are working in a wide variety of creative avenues including historical societies, hobby and craft clubs, and mothers’ community groups.

We are seeking teammates with a heart to serve and a passion for ministry in Dublin and beyond, as this area has a great need for ministry support. Missions work in Ireland is incredibly diverse, and a great variety of skill sets can be used to help spread the gospel and plant churches in this beautiful country and culture.


We'd love to talk with you about how God is leading you.


Mature 2nd Career Team Members

Ireland is looking for a few mature couples to join our growing team who are willing to do whatever needs doing in a church plant or small church setting.