The Position

Here in Culiacán , Mexico, we have a mixed team of two Americans, a Canadian, and various local partners who help us reach the migrant population coming to work in the agricultural fields. We would love to have you partner with us if your focus is evangelism and discipleship and if you have a heart to reach the indigenous population! We are a flexible team that often has to think on the fly because we minister to people who have changing schedules. We use both oral and audiovisual methods to reach oral language learners and like to encourage participation in our Bible studies and small services. We would love to have you join our team whether you like to work with adults or children. Being able to share Bible stories and your faith, be friendly and learn about different cultures and languages are all important qualities for this position. Musical people are also welcome – worship is an area we could use some help with (but not a requirement)!

For this ministry, at least an intermediate level of Spanish is necessary, which can be learned as your train!

The Need

Ministry to migrant workers outside the city of Culiacán is one of the most strategic ministries I know of in this country. What would take tons of time and effort to accomplish by traveling to different villages in central and southern Mexico only takes 30-45 minutes by car from the city! Surrounding Culiacán are dozens of camps where migrants come to live from September to May every year. Many of these workers speak a wide variety of Mexico’s indigenous languages and our mission is to reach those who have least access to the Bible in their home town!

The Impact

Through sharing the gospel and then discipling new believers here in the migrant farm camps, we are given an amazing opportunity to reach villages that we would never be able to reach on our own. God has given us this opportunity to share with people from all different backgrounds so that they might be saved and share Jesus’ teachings with people in their hometowns in their own language. They are much more capable than us of sharing the gospel in their own culture and language!

Not sure if you are a perfect fit?

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