Next Gen Sports Ministry Leaders

South Africa

The Position

Church planters in South Africa have a desire to reach the next generation with the gospel and help them become tomorrow’s leaders. We need short and long-term missionaries to minister with us as well as train South Africans to reach children, teens and young adults using a variety of methods, but specifically sports as a way to connect and build relationships focused on creating opportunities to study the Bible together. Next Gen Ministries strives to create a safe and fun environment where today’s youth can find answers to some of life’s most difficult questions.

“One generation shall praise Your works to another…” Psalm 145:4a

The Need

Children in South Africa are often taught they are already a Christian, while many others are taught a works-based religon, the prosperity gospel, traditional African beliefs, or Islam. Many of the youth in South Africa are confused and disenchanted with the church and religion. Additionally, the AIDS virus continues to hit South Africa in a brutal way with very few families in the poorer areas left unaffected by this deadly disease. There is great need for the local church to step into the lives of these children with truth and hope.

The Impact

You have the opportunity to shape the next generation of believers in Africa. Why Africa and not just South Africa? Because so many people have immigrated to South Africa from other African countries that your ministry to children in South Africa could literally impact the entire continent. We focus on reaching children because research has shown that 75 percent of Christians accept Christ before they reach the age of 14, and in some of our communities, a 14 year old could be leading the household. If you have a heart for reaching young people with the gospel and you love sports, too, we have a place for you!

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