The Position

We need you, a person who is committed to the spiritual health of a wide-ranging, multi-ministry team. In the context of a restricted access country and demanding cultural & physical environment, we can lose sight of our team & personal spiritual health. Come alongside busy & talented team members to lift up their arms, enabling them to be as productive as possible.

To fulfill this role, you will need to be spiritually mature and have pastoral experience. You will be living on a hospital compound with our biggest team, but working closely with both.

Biblical Counseling, conflict resolution, international cultural intelligence training and/or experience living cross-culturally would be helpful, but is not required.

The Need

Our team has a need for a pastor to encourage them in the Word and guide them relationally with one another. Spiritual warfare and fatigue from multifaceted work on a large team brings the opportunity for inter-personal struggles. As you will be working with our English speaking team, there is no need to learn Bangla.

The country where we are located has a population of 170 million. Most are Muslim, but there are a significant number of Hindu and Buddhist minorities. However, less than half a percent even call themselves Christians. For those who long to reach the unreached, it would be hard to find a more strategic location. People are eager for friendship, open to discussing spiritual things, and desperately in need of hope for the future. God has miraculously kept the doors to this Muslim-majority country open. Access is limited, but development programs, businesses, and personal relationships to give us unlimited opportunities to share the gospel and strengthen our national partners’ outreach. Memorial Christian Hospital provides a meaningful way to show grace and share truth.

The Impact

You can make a huge impact through providing spiritual care for our missionary team. Our vision is to see team members walk in a deeper relationship with Christ, integrate their personal relationship and growth into their daily life and work; as well as building a community within the team. By impacting them, you have a hand in impacting their ministries.

Not sure if you are a perfect fit?

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