The Position

Long considered a “burial ground” for missionaries, you can continue important ministries in Japan as a pastor. With half of Japan’s churches losing their pastors over the next 20 years, the need for pastors is great.

As a pastor, you could:

  • Reinvigorate Japan’s dwindling churches with your passion for teaching the truth of the gospel and your courage to share innovative ideas and practices
  • Develop relationships in the community with your love for people
  • Share your own personal testimony and lead deep discussions about faith in Jesus Christ that changes eternal lives

The Need

There are 126 million people in Japan, but less than 1 percent accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. Many Japanese have never met a Christian or seen a Bible. Some have never even heard of Christ. The churches that currently exist in Japan are often small, with aging members and leadership. Their collective impact on the community is small, and the number of missionaries working in Japan continues to decrease. The good news is that Jesus is greater than all of this! With ABWE, you can share your fresh ideas and use your God-given ability to build relationships that matter.

The Impact

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