Pioneering Short-Term Internship

South Asia

The Position

Short-term interns are needed year-round as the catalyst for a unique, pioneering ministry among unreached people groups in Asia. Humble, teachable servants of Christ will join a multi-cultural team which is actively introducing Jesus Christ to unengaged villages that are 99.8-100% followers of the majority religion. By utilizing creative access strategies such as cultural immersion trips, music, ecotourism, sports, scuba diving and teaching English, 120+ Bible studies have already been started in scores of villages!

As a short-term intern you will live in the homes of the villagers, conduct surveys, learn the culture, attend community events, and use your unique skills and talents to intentionally engage, build relationships, and even share Bible stories in homes which have never heard the Gospel before. The relationships you begin during this time will be the starting point for a long-term strategy to make disciples among some of the least reached peoples on earth. Interns will benefit from pre-trip preparation, on-site training once they arrive on the field, and ongoing mentorship throughout their trip as they engage in hands-on, real-life, pioneering missions.

Due to security restrictions, information on the specific location of this information cannot be published. If you would like to learn more, please contact our mobilization team at


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