Relational Evangelist


The Position

Working with our team to accomplish the spread of the Gospel in Togo, as a relational evangelist, you will be involved in the following areas:

1. Working with medical and compassion ministries to develop gospel-based relationships with unreached people groups in Togo.

2. Studying minority languages in Togo.

3. Discipling new believers.

4. Coordinating with local churches.

The Need

ABWE have been operating in Togo for over 40 years and has seen many churches planted among the majority ethic groups. However, there are still several unreached people groups in Togo, many of whom are influenced by folk-Islam. We are in need of missionaries to lead and equip the Togolese believers to conduct cross-cultural evangelism within Togo to plant the seed of the gospel among these people groups.

Ministry Focuses

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