Student Internship


The Position

Evangelism and discipleship are at the heart of all we do.

Our desire is to see our interns grow in their faith, serve alongside national partners and churches, and experience missions firsthand. Our motto is “Come and See, Come and Serve.” Much can be learned here, and many opportunities abound to invest in others! Past interns have helped at a village clinic, painted/remodeled a Sunday School classroom, helped at an English camp, experienced language classes, ridden public transportation like a local, and sampled authentic borscht.

Our ABWE Ukraine Team consists of four households: two living in Kyiv and two living in Odessa. We are currently serving in the following ways (not an exhaustive list): English ministry, medical ministry, children’s ministry, women’s ministry, leadership training, church planting, and ministry to missionary kids and international students.

In addition to serving in a variety of ways, we will seek to give you opportunities to serve in those areas of particular interest and strength (ie. if you are interested in nursing, visiting village clinics).

We will equip, encourage, disciple, and shepherd you with practical, cultural, and spiritual resources as well as providing an orientation upon arrival and a debrief (before departure).

The Need

Although there is an Orthodox church on almost every corner and it is common to hear people say “Praise God!” in normal conversation, most do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. It is not enough just to know about God or revere Him. We want their souls to know and worship Him through faith in His Son Jesus. Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has sought to walk forward in its independence as a country. Ukrainians are open to foreigners, and many are eager to practice their English. Missionaries flooded into the country in the early 90’s, bringing theological education and coming alongside believers that had formerly needed to meet in secret during the time of communism. The Church is still young here and can be strengthened by those who can come alongside her. The general population needs to see faith and love for Jesus lived out on a daily basis, hope in the midst of uncertain times.

Opportunities abound to come alongside the Church and reach out to the community.

The Impact

Evangelism and discipleship are at the heart of all that we do.

As we share the good news of reconciliation with God through faith in Jesus and shepherd believers to walk in faithfulness and worship, the Lord can use our investment for the generations to follow.


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