Theological Educators

South Africa

The Position

The Durban team is looking for theological educators for short-term, midterm and long-term time frames. There is a great need for theological training at the laymen’s level. There are currently large numbers of Zulu pastors preaching false doctrine in their churches. Once these pastors hear the truth of the Scriptures, they long to be taught sound doctrine and pass the truth on to their congregations. It is not a requirement to learn a foreign language in order to minister in Durban.

There is also a need for theological educators at the college level in 2021.

The Need

In South Africa there is poverty, disease, crime, and spiritual darkness. From much-needed racial reconciliation, to an influx of new religions being combined with ancient superstitions and the increase of Islam, South Africa desperately needs the reconciling truth of the gospel.

We need you to partner with South African locals on the ground to share God’s love, plant and multiply local churches, train leaders, and ultimately, assist South Africans to continue fulfilling the Great Commission by sending out their own people as missionaries. Will you join us?

The Impact

Our team has been involved in church planting, leadership training, evangelism and discipleship. To date, ten churches have been planted, with nine having South African pastors. The Durban Team aims to continue partnering with local pastors to plant local churches and equip local leadership by developing a Theological and Pastoral Training Center. But we need your help.

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