Theological Educators and Bible Study Leaders

South Africa

The Position

ABWE missionaries are training pastors and ministry leaders in a variety of ways, such as one-on-one Bible study, in small groups, as well as more formalized theological classroom training. One area where we desperately need help is in training Zulu and Xhosa men for pastoral ministry in South African’s impoverished communities called townships. Another, and one yet to be developed, is training ministry leaders in South African villages and isolated rural areas.

This ministry is not for the faint of heart, but for those desiring to commit to a long-term vision of church planting and leadership training in areas where the truth of gospel and practical theology is not currently available or practiced, nor is it fully accepted due to cultural and traditions beliefs. It requires a commitment to learn an African language and may require living far from the conveniences found in the city and more developed communities.

The Need

We’re looking for those who are theologically trained with a desire to help provide fundamentally sound Biblical, pastoral, theological, and ministry leadership training to those whose formal education may or may not have prepared them for a formal theological training program. Currently, this type of training is conducted in English with interpreters, however, learning the Zulu or Xhosa language would greatly enhance the effectiveness of these efforts and expand our ministry to villages and rural communities yet unreached.

The Impact

There are unlimited opportunities to share the gospel and prepare South Africans to lead a mission movement in areas of yet untouched by sound theological training. You can make a huge impact for Christ in South Africa by developing leaders, encouraging and training men and women to become Christ-filled leaders to their own people and nation. Whether it’s teaching classes at one of our seminaries in the city, mentoring a small group of believers in a township, or providing one-on-one pastoral training in a rural or village setting, we need people who are committed to forming leaders that build healthy churches and embrace their own role in missions.

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