Youth Ministry Leaders


The Position

What better way to assure the strength of God’s church than by guiding and teaching the servant-leaders of tomorrow? As a youth ministry leader in Romania, you’ll work within our well-established network of churches and church plants to influence untold numbers of adolescents during their spiritual journeys. Bring your gifts of inspiration, leadership and evangelism to Romania, where your ABWE missions team awaits!

As a youth ministry leader, you will:

  • Develop important relationships with adolescents in the community and inspire them to join the church
  • Develop fun and engaging youth ministry programs that welcome teens and older kids to the church with open arms
  • Complement the efforts and teachings of the existing churches by tailoring your youth ministry to specific needs
  • Set an excellent example of what it means to live a life inspired by a love for Christ and share your personal testimony
  • Demonstrate an extraordinary understanding and knowledge of the Bible, and be able to relate Scripture to modern life in a way that’s relatable for adolescents

The Need

The ABWE missions team in Romania has experienced great success, but there is still more work to be done and not enough believers to accomplish God’s mission. Nearly every country that surrounds Romania is home to an unreached people group, and even within Romania there are thousands of villages where the truth of the gospel is unknown. ABWE’s goal is to bring hope and relief to the pastors and communities who are trying to accomplish so much with so little. We need to encourage a joyful proclamation that spreads from Romania to the ends of the Earth. If you want to work within an established framework of relationships to offer support, training and fellowship to Romania’s servant-leaders, answer God’s call in Romania.

The Impact

If you have a gift for reaching teens and believe God is calling you to share your faith in a meaningful way, the ABWE missions team in Romania needs your help. The spiritual impact a well-run youth ministry can have is immeasurable. We welcome out-of-the-box thinkers who enjoy creativity, teaching and new ideas, as this is the best way to reach Romania’s youth. God needs you to help ABWE forever change the direction of young lives in need of guidance — won’t you heed God’s call?

Shine the light of Christ’s love and join ABWE in Romania.

Ministry Focuses

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