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The Spiritual Need in Romania

Filled with vast forests and stunning small towns in its Carpathian Mountains, Romania has a population of over 21 million people, and provides a unique opportunity for evangelism to both its own people groups and those in the surrounding regions. Their liberation in 1989 from a generation of oppressive, communist rule prompted a spiritual awakening, as a longing for freedom and truth opened doors for missions and evangelism. More than 93% of Romanians consider themselves to be Christians because they were baptized into the Orthodox Church as infants, but far less truly understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Among the 6% evangelical population, Baptists and Pentecostals comprise the largest denominations.

Romania is surrounded by countries and people groups. Moldova, Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Austria, Ukraine, Hungary, and Germany are accessible in a day’s drive, making Romania a strategic location for missions efforts to unreached people groups. The country has experienced a great spiritual awakening with hundreds of new churches formed since the 1989 revolution.

Share The Gospel In Romania

Following the revolution, the Romanian people eagerly welcomed missionaries into their country. Received with open arms, ABWE began to share the gospel in Romania and build deep-rooted relationships with the Romanian people.

Our goal is to help train national leaders so that they can invest in Romanian believers and pastors, plant churches, and send out their own missionaries. We are working toward a mission movement in Romania that encompasses evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, mentoring, camp ministry, and children’s ministries, to reach and sustain the spiritually hungry people of the country and its neighboring nations.


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Evangelism Teammates

Seeking an evangelism teammate in Romania to partner with veteran missionaries on our well-established team to share the gospel.

Church Planters

Church planters needed in Romania to plant new churches in communities where there is no evangelical presence.

Youth Sports Leaders

Seeking a youth sports ministry leader in Romania to join a team of veteran missionaries who work within an established framework of churches and church plants.

Youth Ministry Leaders

Youth ministry leader needed in Romania to work within our well-established network of churches and church plants to influence untold numbers of adolescents during their spiritual journeys.

Children and Camp Ministry

As a Student Intern, join our team in Romania and experience authentic missionary life, Romanian culture, and the ministry of the hosting missionary.


Live Global | Church Planting and Refugee Ministry

AlfAOmega church in Romania is full of young people with great potential for the expansion of God's kingdom in Bucharest, Romania. Felix and Oana are part of the young team working to grow this church and send others to the ends of the earth.…

Live Global | Church Planting with Alexe (Romania)

Alexe and Veronica Costea’s mission is to fulfill the spiritual and material needs of the people of Comani impacting all with the hope of Christ in the people of Comani and to the ends of the earth through evangelism, discipleship, church and prayer.…

Live Global | Church Planting with Raul (Romania)

Raul’s vision is to see churches planted, believers discipled, and elders appointed in strategic parts of the southwest part of Romania. Places such as Craiova and Draganesti-Olt have been two examples where this has occurred. Raul’s future goal is to move to Thessaloniki Greece and use this international city as a hub to launch missionaries to Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria, and North Macedonia.…

PACT Romania Ministry Center

Many Romanians face life without hope. They’ve grown disillusioned through broken relationships and ritualistic religion that have left them lonely, skeptical, and searching.   The word pact refers to a promise or agreement—a commitment to a peaceful relationship. PACT Romania is a camp ministry designed for building redemptive relationships with Romanian children, teens, and adults.…