Chosen to Go

David thought his Jewish heritage automatically saved him, but the gospel proved to him otherwise.

From Message magazine issue "To the Ends of the Earth"

“I’m one of God’s chosen people, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

David rather smugly informed the Christian school teacher of his Jewish heritage, assuring him that he didn’t need the Jesus Christ he had just spoken of.

His parents had divorced when David was nine. A few years later, he moved in with an aunt and uncle who were believers, and they sent David to finish his high school career at a Christian school. It was just the second day of class when he heard of Jesus Christ, a figure he knew little about due to his traditionally Jewish upbringing.

During chapel that day, a pastor explained to him every person’s need for Jesus Christ as their personal savior—no matter one’s ethnic background. David trusted in Christ that very day and resolved to know him better.

Glorianne was raised in a Christian family, receiving Christ at the age of eight. Her parents emphasized the importance of ministry in God’s kingdom. She remembers listening to them read prayer letters aloud from missionaries they supported. The Lord continued to nourish her love for ministry throughout her college years.

David and Glorianne met during their sophomore year at Northland Baptist Bible College. Their mutual interest in ministry sparked a relationship, and they married in December 1988.

David spent the next 24 years serving in a variety of pastoral positions in churches across the northern Midwest. In May 2016, he attended ABWE’s Good Soil seminar and was trained in The Story of Hope, an evangelism resource.

He was so affected by the resource that he began praying for opportunities to use it with someone. Ultimately, the Lord had David lead multiple people to Christ through his sharing of The Story of Hope. Also, Glorianne participated in a small group study for The Way to Joy, another Good Soil evangelism tool.

Gil Thomas, ABWE’s International Director of Good Soil Ministries, approached David and Glorianne after speaking at their church. He encouraged them to think about pursuing full-time ministry with ABWE.

After months of prayerful consideration, David announced his resignation from his church. He and Glorianne will be joining ABWE’s Good Soil team, helping others to understand and accept the gospel.

Editor’s Note: Learn more about the Levys’ ministry here.