Discarded Soles

God is using children to soften the hearts of parents in this closed access country.

From Message magazine issue "Save Me"

“The shoes of over a hundred children lined the front porch steps, as heavy rains drove the group indoors for the last two days of Vacation Bible School in this Asian country.

Children and youth here are sometimes banned from reading the Bible in their home, under the threat of being kicked out by their parents. But these children come to Christ knowing that persecution­—even from family—is possible. And God is using Vacation Bible School and other children’s ministries to start more than 90 percent of the churches in this country. Parents notice a difference in their children, and they start to realize this is not just another religion. Sometimes, parents stand at the back of VBS and just listen to what is being taught. Many will place their faith in Christ. Later, a new church is planted. When children come to Christ in this country, it fosters a vision for planting new churches.”