Faith Triumphs Over Idols in Africa

One young man finds the courage to stand against voodoo practices through biblical teaching from Hope Radio in Togo.

From Message magazine issue "Transformed: Lives Changed Across the Globe"

In the West African nation of Togo, a 23-year-old man named Ganiou faced a sudden test of faith one evening when his mother became unable to breathe.

Witnessing her suffering, his entire village urged him to perform voodoo rituals for her healing. 

Ganiou, a Christian, knew he could not turn to pagan magic. His faith had been strengthened by listening to Hope Radio, ABWE’s ministry broadcasting gospel truth to unreached people groups and remote villages in northern Togo, where low rates of literacy among oral cultures create obstacles to spreading biblical truth. 

Remembering the teaching he had received, he boldly replied that he would not turn to voodoo because the Bible forbids idol worship. 

Facing repercussions from the village, Ganiou stayed awake all night, praying and fasting. When the villagers returned in the morning, they found his mother awake and doing well. The Lord had restored her health.  

“He said that he wouldn’t have had the courage without Hope Radio speaking truth into his life over this last year,” reported ABWE missionary Adam Drake. “Praise the Lord he stayed strong and testified. Keep praying as walls to the gospel are crumbling down.”   

Now, Adam is discipling Ganiou, whose village is an hour away, weekly by phone and in person when Ganiou visits the city every three months. They regularly discuss Scripture and share personal reflections, communicating through the tribal language. 

Ganiou’s faith continues to grow in leaps and bounds. He encourages other believers to take up the challenge to stand against the idols in their own lives and families, so that, through their witness, many will turn from lifeless objects to living hope in Christ.