Launch Point: Helping Transform Lives and Serve the Global Church

Short-term missions done well impacts lives for eternity and ignites a deeper passion for the Great Commission.

From Message magazine issue "'I Will Build My Church'"

As we emerged above the clouds and hiked into the Himalayan village, everyone stopped and stared at me.

One young man ran across the village and returned with a group of men asking us who we were and why we had come. After a brief discussion through my translator, we were invited to sit with the village elder and share the message we brought. As we sipped tea with them, I discovered I was the first white man to have entered this unreached Buddhist village. That experience transformed my understanding of the “ends of the earth,” and it ignited a deeper passion for global missions. Just like every other missions trip I have led, I learned new things and grew closer to the Lord. You can experience the same impact on your life—while impacting other lives with the gospel—through short-term missions.

Short-term missions trips provide opportunities to participate in global ministries around the world. Well-planned trips with properly prepared participants enable long-term impact on the ministry served, as well as spiritual growth for each participant. Serving God in other cultures cultivates a spirit of humility and selflessness that helps us become more like Christ, while allowing us to focus on spiritual lessons we miss in our daily lives. As participants return transformed, a new passion for missions is ignited within them that impacts their daily lives. This new passion often multiples in their church, creating greater engagement in ministering to their community. What’s learned on the field gets lived out at home!

Are you interested in learning more about short-term missions or identifying potential trips for you and your church? Let Launch Point help. Launch Point is a ministry of ABWE that utilizes gospel-centered short-term missions trips for long-term impact across the globe. Launch Point partners with ABWE missionaries and ministry partners to find the right ministry opportunity for you or your team.

Launch Point offers training resources to help individuals and teams prepare for maximum effectiveness on the ministry and the participants, providing all you need to facilitate missions trips. Let Launch Point help launch you into missions!

Join a Short-term Trip With Long-term Impact

Ready to launch into missions? Whether you want to find your first missions trip or you’re a missions veteran, there are countless ways to reach others with the gospel through a transformative Launch Point trip. You can use your unique skills, talents, and training to help reach the unreached and serve the global church.

Jason Phillips

Dr. Jason Phillips is executive director of Launch Point, ABWE’s short-term missions trip ministry. Previously to ABWE, Jason has spent the last 30 years in various leadership positions—from executive vice president for a technology company to pastor to parachurch ministry co-founder. He holds a B.B.A. in finance from Georgia State University, a M.Div. in theology from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and a D.Min. in disciple-making from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Jason and his wife, Jeannie, have been partners in ministry throughout their 25 years of marriage, and they have two children in college who love the Lord.