How a Short-Term Missions Trip Helped This Young Woman Trust God with Her Doubts

Sarah thought missions might have been a mistake. God had something else to say.

From Message magazine issue "2020 Candidate Issue"

Doubt threatened to overwhelm Sarah as she sat in the airport.

After surrendering her life to God when she was 17, Sarah knew that she wanted to go into ministry. She was a magnet for spiritual conversations in college, frequently sharing the gospel with her peers.

Once graduated, Sarah attended a missions conference in Germany, where she met ABWE missionaries who invited her to visit their field in Brazil.

But life circumstances seemed to crumble when Sarah returned home. The relationship she was in ended when he learned of her seriousness to pursue missions. Sarah also sacrificed the job that she wanted in order to go on a survey trip to Brazil.

The recent turn of events had Sarah questioning her decisions as she waited for her flight.

“What if this opportunity really wasn’t from the Lord? What if I hated it in Brazil? What if this was all a mistake? I had thrown away everything for this, and what if it was all a waste?”

Despite these negative thoughts, they didn’t prevent Sarah from boarding her flight. An indescribable peace passed over her when she arrived in Brazil. She connected well with the culture, and the Lord affirmed her ministry calling as she served alongside ABWE missionaries David and Sarah Carrel. In 2021, she will be joining them again.

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