How One Missionary Is Using Her Media Skills for Christ

Judy Bowen shares how her passion for photography and evangelism is a perfect fit for ministry in Togo.

“The beauty of Scripture combined with photos of creation can bring joy and peace even in tumultuous times. That’s why the Lord led me to make this booklet—to showcase his promises,” Judy says of her latest booklet.

Judy Bowen has been using her photography skills on the mission field for years. She enjoys sharing the truth of Scripture through images of birds, bugs, and flowers. By showing the intricacies of creation, Judy focuses on the sovereignty, majesty, and power of God the creator and how that same God cares for us as humans in the same way.

The majority of her books are targeted for a younger audience, but for several years she has been wanting to create a book targeted for an older demographic. On her most recent furlough in the US through most of 2020, she found the Lord providing her with incredible opportunities to illustrate the much needed truths of hope, peace, companionship and comfort that can be found in Scripture regarding God.

Hannah Strayer

Hannah Strayer is a media specialist serving in Africa with ABWE. Hannah uses her photography and media skills to share the needs on the field, help missionaries more effectively communicate with supporters, and share the gospel with nationals. Support Hannah’s ministry.