Togo Update: Offering First Fruits

A Togolese farmer experienced physical and spiritual healing as the HBB Vision Project reaches a milestone.

Komlavi stepped through the entrance of Hôpital Baptiste Biblique (HBB), glancing around for Dr. Jack Kehl.

Komlavi had first passed through these doors several weeks before, seeking relief from a facial abscess that had developed from a dental infection. His inpatient treatment was successful, and he had been discharged to his farm in the village.

Now he returned, this time bearing a gift of his first fruits—a bag filled with fresh produce. Komlavi excitedly greeted the hospital staff, thanking them for the care they had provided, and more importantly, for the good news of the gospel they had shared with him. During his hospital stay, Komlavi trusted Christ and was saved.

“He left with joy in his heart and a resolve to tell his family and his village about Jesus,” Dr. Jack Kehl, director of HBB, recounted. “The smile on his face says it all. . . . Jesus saves!”

Every year, Hôpital Baptiste Biblique cares for over 20,000 patients from Togo and neighboring African nations, providing outpatient and inpatient services, surgeries, and deliveries. In addition to administering medical care, the HBB staff shares the hope of the gospel with each patient during their visit. And every year, an average of 1,700 patients make professions of faith in Christ.

Recognizing that the demand for medical care in southern Togo has long overstretched the 50-bed hospital, ABWE launched the Hôpital Baptiste Biblique Vision Project. Each phase of the Vision Project will renovate and expand the facilities, increase surgical and medical programs, and train African believers to use medicine to advance the gospel.

By God’s grace, the first phase of the project is now fully funded! Thanks to the generous donations of financial contributors, phase one will provide:

  • Upgraded medical facilities and equipment
  • New lodging for the patients’ families
  • Additional missionary housing
  • An expanded guesthouse
  • A third operating room
  • And most importantly, a new chapel large enough to hold all the patients, families, staff, and volunteers who want to hear the gospel preached.

Even while these facilities are under construction, HBB continues to serve the medical and spiritual needs of the community. We are excited to see how God will use these new expansions and upgrades for his glory.

Please join us in prayer as we approach the next phase of the HBB Vision Project.

HBB Vision Project

1,700 patients make professions of faith each year at Hôpital Baptiste Biblique. Help us renovate, enhance, and expand the hospital and its facilities—all to finish the mission in Togo and help train Africans to use medicine to advance the gospel.

Katelyn Hawkins

Katelyn Hawkins is a communications specialist with ABWE. She serves as managing editor for Message Magazine and the ABWE blog. She holds an M.A. in Social Sciences and B.A. in Communications, and has lived in locations across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.