Watch: On The Front Lines in Ukraine With Churches Who Won’t Quit Preaching The Gospel

ABWE worker Caleb Suko shares a first-hand look at the faith of Ukrainian Christians in the eastern Donbas region.

I spent February 19-21 near the front lines of the war in Ukraine with churches who are continuing to minister and preach the gospel in very difficult times.

In this video, we visit some some points along the front lines near Donetsk. Despite the last eight years of fighting, there are churches and ministers who continue to faithfully serve God and serve the people of these areas.

Because of the war, work has been difficult to find, and often the boom and kaboom of shelling can be heard heard here. Please pray for the churches in this area, for peace and safety and that the gospel would continue to go out.

Support Ukrainians Affected by War

The Ukraine Crisis Fund supports both Christian workers and Ukrainian churches, helping them navigate difficult times and provide for their communities. Currently, the crisis fund is ready to provide gas, coal, housing, food, and evangelistic outreach.

Editor’s Note: This video preceded the official invasion announced February 24, 2022. The situation on the ground continues to escalate. To get updates as they unfold, sign up here.