A Woman’s Zeal for Truth Impacts an Entire Village

Kesia went to the hospital with a damaged body. She left it with a renewed heart.

It was like a wildfire.

When Kesia* left ABWE’s Hospital of Hope in West Africa, she had more than just a healed body. She also had a burning hunger and unquenchable thirst for spiritual truth after watching the Jesus Film, which the hospital plays for all of its patients.

The story of Christ’s suffering for her sins struck her deeply.

Kesia was illiterate, but she was vocally adamant that she needed to know Jesus in a personal way, so the hospital team gave her an SD card with an audio recording of the truth in her own language.

Not only did she drink in the truths spoken in the Word, but she shared the recording with her friends and family. With great urgency, she also began pleading with the hospital to send a team to her village to teach and a Bible study was started.

When her village chief’s son fell desperately ill and received life-saving, compassionate care at the hospital, the chief’s wife also began to attend the Bible study—curious to hear more about this Gospel.

The chief’s wife came to salvation through the study. Then the chief began attending and also came to a saving faith.

Today, there are at least 50 believers in Kesia’s village, and the numbers continue to grow.

What began as one woman’s plea to learn more about the Word of God has changed her entire community.

This all came about because doctors and nurses at the Hospital of Hope provided compassionate healthcare in the name of Jesus. Through the ministry of medicine, God is at work bringing spiritual and physical healing to the sick and suffering in the darkest places of West Africa.

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* Name changed for security.