Helping You Understand, Embrace, Hold on to, and Share the Gospel Effectively.

About Us

Sharing the gospel can be difficult. Where do you start? Good Soil equips you to share your faith through seeing Christ in all of Scripture.

Good Soil began in 2005 as a ministry of ABWE to equip missionaries for worldview-relevant evangelism and discipleship in a broad range of cross-cultural settings. Since then, Good Soil trainings and resources have expanded to impact pastors and other church leaders, national ministry workers across the world, and everyday believers in North America. Now, you can learn personal evangelism using the methods employed by experienced missionaries across the world—pointing the lost to Christ as he appears on the pages of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. 

What Makes Us Unique?

Sound Biblical & Theological Foundation

Equip to Cross Worldview Divides

Emphasizing Retaining the Gospel Message

National and International Focus

Built by Experienced Missionaries and Pastors


The Story of Hope

A big-picture approach to Scripture’s redemptive story.

The Way to Joy

A Bible study workbook for evangelism and discipleship. 



“Thank you for the quality, gospel centered, biblically-driven curriculum.”

Daniel, Hillcrest Baptist Church, Bellefontaine, OH

“The Roots of Faith seminar was truly enjoyable and informative.” 

Daniel, pastor in Washington, D.C.

“Moving Beyond Lecture taught me more about how to teach the Bible than all of my college and seminary combined!” 

Chip, pastor in Wisconsin

“I have taken Hooks for Hanging the Old and New Testament Storylines and Good Soil workshops . . . and love the material. Am very interested in these more comprehensive learning tools…I am very excited to be able to study the materials and help others.”

Kathy Mikado, Michigan