Foundations of Faith and Mission

A Roundtable Discussion Series

As followers of Christ, we’re called to share our faith. But first we must ask: what do we believe? 

This series, featuring Paul Davis, Scott Dunford, Tim Bertolet, and Alex Kocman of ABWE, seeks to address this fundamental question: What do we believe, and why does what we believe matter for our mission? 

Each session in this series delves deep into these foundational beliefs, exploring their implications for the Great Commission. From understanding the nature of God and the identity of Christ to grasping the role of the Holy Spirit and the essence of salvation, this series aims to equip believers with the theological grounding necessary for impactful work for the kingdom. 

Session 1: Where Do We Begin?

How do we know what we believe? In this first episode, we discuss what ground the Christian faith. We’ll also explore the importance of creeds and confessions in guiding our beliefs and practice. 

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