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The Spiritual Need in Jamaica

Jamaica is known for its significant global influence in music, culture, and athletics—despite its small size—with a population of just under three million people living on the Caribbean island.

Rastafarianism, which uses Christian language syncretized with African traditional religions, has been a religious and cultural movement in Jamaica since the 1930s. Yet while making a large cultural impact, it is represented by only a very small portion of the population today. The majority of Jamaicans consider themselves Christian, with 30% identifying as evangelical believers. Jamaica also has small Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist populations, due in part to emigration by generations of Chinese and Indian laborers for work on the island.

Religious diversity in Jamaica has allowed for the acceptance of evangelism, church planting and ministries among a number of people and age groups.

Christian Missions To Jamaica

The ABWE team in Jamaica trains national pastors, strengthens evangelical congregations, and assists Jamaican pastors in planting local churches.

We need team members who have experience building relationships, sharing the gospel, making disciples and teaching sound theology in order to continue to strengthen the local church in Jamaica. Skills in accounting, business, construction, administration, youth ministry, and music are also valuable assets.

Is God leading you to serve with us as a missionary in Jamaica?

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Community Ambassadors

The Position Do you enjoy initiating redemptive conversations and building redemptive relationships with those who are far from Christ? One of the first steps in church planting is Biblically and creatively engaging the community you are wanting to reach with the gospel. We need team members who are willing to be ambassadors for Christ to


The Position Our Jamaica team needs trained, qualified Biblical Counselors to serve the churches of Jamaica. While many in Jamaica claim to be Christian, the nation is full of broken homes and people. The churches of Jamaica need to offer hope to the nation through counseling that will truly offer promise of real change. As

Disciple Makers

The Position Do you love to walk beside new believers in a one-on-one or one-on-small group setting to help them grow in their faith and become those who can eventually disciple other new believers? We need team members who can intentionally and strategically invest their lives in this core ministry of the Great Commission. We


The Position Do you get excited about teaching God’s Word and seeing learners apply Biblical principles in their lives? Do you have a vision for equipping future church leaders and church members to do the work of ministry in the local church? We need team members who are gifted and called to teach God’s Word

Faithful Servants

The Position Do you have a heart for serving wherever you see the greatest need? Are you content to serve without being the one to lead a ministry? Do you like to use your gifts to benefit others and see a ministry grow? Then you are much needed to be a key member of our


Bay Life Baptist Church with Andrew Pryce (Jamaica)

Bay Life Baptist Church exist to meet people at their point of spiritual need, move them into a right relationship with God through His Holy Spirit and His Son Jesus Christ, and to mature them in their walk with God. The church evangelizes the unsaved by proclaiming of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, educates believers in a manner consistent with the requirements of Holy Scripture, protects the church from false teaching according to Titus 3:9, provide foods and household items to those in their community, and engages the youth as the next generation of ambassadors for Christ.…

GAP Jamaica | A. Black

Global Access Partnerships (GAP) partners with the Jamaican churches to resource and encourage national pastors and churches.…

GAP Jamaica | D. Brown

Global Access Partnerships (GAP) partners with the Jamaican churches to resource and encourage national pastors and churches.…

GAP Jamaica | Devon Linton

ABWE missionaries work as a team in about 60 countries to share the story of hope, build communities of faith, and serve the world with love.…

GAP Jamaica | Llewellyn

Global Access Partnerships (GAP) partners with the Jamaican churches to resource and encourage national pastors and churches.…