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“I used to think that people who say they had ‘met Jesus’ were crazy fanatics…until a seemingly ordinary event set off a chain reaction in my life that caused me to understand that God not only knew I existed, but he has never not loved me.” — Beppe, baptized in 2015

The Spiritual Need in Italy

Though Roman Catholicism was established in the heart of Italian culture, it is estimated that only one-third or less of Italy’s nearly 73 million people still practice the faith regularly. Many Italians have very little acquaintance with the gospel beyond Catholic moral teachings in childhood, and evangelical believers make up only 1.5% of the population—which is fewer than in many countries in the 10/40 Window. The number of atheists and agnostics is rising, but so is the opportunity for sharing the gospel with both Italians and foreign residents, with many people having relocated from China, Eastern Europe and North Africa, creating opportunity to share the gospel with Muslims, Buddhists, and others.

With the pressures of spiritual antagonism, disenchantment with organized religion, and the emergence of new belief systems—including widespread fascination with the occult—the challenges in Italy are significant. We need missionaries that will commit to a path marked by spiritual stamina, emotional maturity, and reliance on Christ to build his church and complete in each one of us the good work he has begun.

Evangelical Missions To Italy

Since beginning ministry in Italy in 1990, the ABWE team has focused on establishing local churches by investing in people and communities. This includes offering Bible studies, teaching theology, teaching English, coaching sports teams, and participating in local groups and clubs. Successful ministry in Italy requires a modern-day approach to relationship building, training, evangelism and discipleship.

Our newest ministry work, underway north of the city of Turin, is redefining how our missionaries endeavor to impact mainstream society. We have partnered with other ministries to create more accessible gospel content to reach the Italian people through mobile devices and modern methods. These initiatives are forging important connections and have led to multiple evangelistic Bible study groups.

The ABWE Italy team welcomes you to join us in practical and passionate grassroots church planting in a challenging field. We encourage people of varying gifts to discover how God can use them in Italy for their growth and his glory.


We'd love to talk with you about how God is leading you.


Church Planting Internship

Join an ABWE missionary family in Italy as they engage in evangelism and discipleship, church planting, and outreach in various communities. Learn from them, and see firsthand how your skills and spiritual gifts can be utilized on the mission field.

Church Planting Team Member

The Position Church Planting Team Member The Need Students of the modern missions movement and ABWE missionaries in Italy know that lasting impact in Western Europe occurs through the prayers and dedicated service of variously gifted men and women over much time. Therefore, our team is strategizing not only its current ministries but also how