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Considering missionary work in Papua New Guinea? We offer short-term and long-term missions opportunities in Papua New Guinea for those with a heart for cross-cultural ministry! These unique opportunities will utilize your gifts and talents to proclaim Christ in Papua New Guinea. In addition, our internship programs offer hands-on experience in cross-cultural ministry, giving you the chance to fuel your passion for missions and make an eternal difference in lives. Join us today, and become part of something bigger.

The Spiritual Need in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea (PNG) encompasses the eastern half of New Guinea and its offshore islands. It is a country of immense cultural and biological diversity, known for beaches and coral reefs, volcanoes and dense rainforest. It is home to many traditional tribal villages and more than 800 different people groups, many with their own languages.

With a population of nearly seven million, many Papua New Guineans consider themselves to be Christians. This often means they follow a religion that is a mixture of Western and Eastern influences, including Christian beliefs, animistic rituals, and spirit worship. For many, knowledge of Jesus Christ as the only true savior is still missing or misunderstood.

Positive response to the gospel continues to encourage ABWE missionaries to intensify efforts in tribal outreach and disciple making in Papua New Guinea. Evangelism among high school and college students is an especially fruitful ministry.

ABWE in Papua New Guinea

ABWE believes that by offering theological education and training to faithful men and women who can teach others, we can reach PNG for Christ.

The team is based in Goroka, in the Eastern Highlands, where Goroka Baptist Bible College (GBBC) exists to train Papua New Guineans in methods for reaching their communities with the gospel. For 40 years, God has enabled GBBC to train and send out over 400 men and women for gospel ministry. Many have now served the Lord for more than 20 or 30 years in every province in PNG. Over 100 churches have GBBC alumni serving as pastors and in other ministries within their churches.

We are looking for teammates with a passion for accounting, medical ministry, evangelism, and tribal outreach to join us in missions in Papua New Guinea.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for an end to magic-related tribal warfare, vengeful killings, and violence.
  • Please pray for the continued work of Bible translation in Papua New Guinea and throughout the Pacific region.
  • Pray for the unity of the Spirit in isolated and diverse church communities.


We'd love to talk with you about how God is leading you.



Seeking an accountant in Papa New Guinea to work with local business owners and government agencies to ensure we are handling our resources with integrity.

Mentor to Bush Pastors

We have an urgent need for a willing heart to come serve along side our missionaries in the bush of Papua New Guinea to church plant and teach pastors in church planting.

Student Internship

Come join our team in Papua New Guinea and learn how to take Christ to one of the world's unreached places. Our team is looking for student interns who would be interested in serving in a Bible college and church planting ministries.



Asia Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) provides national pastors and lay persons in Papua New Guinea with the rigorous biblical training and theological understanding they need to answer God’s call in their lives. ABTS is based in Southeast Asia and offers US-accredited degrees through Cornerstone University.…

Goroka Baptist Bible College | Scholarships

  Many well qualified hard-working students at Goroka Baptist Bible College cannot afford tuition. We honor those who are willing to work for their fees.  Each year we provide about $30,000 in work scholarships to help pay needy students. We have the work for students, but need funds to offer this work scholarship. We…

PNG Camp

Each year as many as 500 teenagers spend a week of camp at GBBC. Over 50 percent of Goroka Baptist Bible College students came to camp as youth — camp was a time many of our present-day pastors and other Christian workers gave their lives to follow Christ.…