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The Spiritual Need in South Sudan

South Sudan has been suffering the effects of civil war and political unrest since 1956. The war has led to a lack of economic and physical infrastructure, medical care, sufficient food supply, and has given rise to slave labor and the sex trade. Atrocities against civilians in the country are rampant—forcing millions of South Sudanese, more than half of whom are children, to become refugees and asylum-seekers in Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and other countries.

Religious beliefs are divided between the northern and southern regions of South Sudan. In a country of about 12.5 million, people in the northern region are predominately Muslim, while people in the southern region are primarily Roman Catholic, Christian, or practice traditional ethnic religions. The divide has sparked persecution between the two regions, adding to the abundance of humanitarian horrors already existing in the country.

Evangelical Missions To South Sudan

ABWE does not currently have a team in South Sudan, but the need for workers to serve in this region is extensive and urgent. We are seeking missionaries with a heart for reaching Muslims and the unreached in a variety of areas, including ministries like theological education, relational evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. Those with connections to various age or people groups could serve in children’s or youth ministry, or work in women’s ministry with those that are hurting. Practical skills in medicine, agriculture, teaching English, or business would also be of great use, as the hands and feet of Christ in a spiritually dark place.

Whatever your skill set, there is a place for you to serve through evangelical missions to South Sudan. Is God leading you to spread his love and help plant churches in South Sudan?

We'd love to talk with you about how God is leading you.

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