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“I would leave the church as if I had eaten something that I had craved and I would feel filled.” — Gloria, a new believer in Spain

The Spiritual Need in Spain

Known for its scenic mountain ranges and sprawling Mediterranean coast, Spain shares the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal and is also bordered by France. Spain’s early modern empire had a significant global impact on culture and language, making Spanish the second most natively-spoken language in the world. To this day, Spain’s political status and large economy make it a resettlement location for immigrants from over the world, particularly from Latin America, North Africa and Central and Eastern Europe.

While Roman Catholicism is the largest religion, representing about 70% of Spain’s total population of 51.5 million, most Spaniards do not participate in regular religious worship, particularly the younger generation. In keeping with general trend of Western European secularization, as many as 25% of Spaniards profess no religious affiliation. Many Spanish cities and towns have no evangelical witness, and while it is a difficult environment for missions, the need is obvious, and the opportunities are abundant.

Christian Missions To Spain

Since 1970, ABWE has been sharing the gospel and planting churches during Christian missions to Spain. Madrid, the capital and largest city, is an area of ministry focus where three churches have been established and there are growing groups of believers. We have also seen hundreds of people come to the Lord through ministry outreach in Toledo and Guadalajara.

While our missionaries are actively involved in community-oriented outreach, the most effective approach seems to be “living-room evangelism”—using loving, persistent relationships to share the love of Christ and present the gospel through direct study of Scripture. Additionally, ministry happens through English instruction, sports evangelism, and creative outlets like art and music to create new connections with the people of Spain.

Our desire is for Spaniards to meet Jesus in a personal way so that they might have abundant life. We’d love to get to know you and discuss how God is leading you to missionary work in Spain!

We'd love to talk with you about how God is leading you.


Certified English Teacher

Use your gifts with English to serve at the Evangelical Christian Academy in Madrid and/or help pre-existing church plants establish or strengthen English programs as an outreach to their community.

Christian School Teachers

Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA) is seeking elementary, middle and high school teachers for a variety of subjects at our school in Madrid, Spain.

Church Planters

Strengthen existing congregations and form new churches amid a largely agnostic population in Central Spain.

School Director for Evangelical Christian Academy

THE POSITION Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA) is seeking an experienced educator, administrator, or director to oversee the staff and operations. ECA is a K-12 school with a student body of approximately 100 students from a dozen or more countries. Some of our students are children of missionaries. Others are international students who are not from

Short-Term Christian School Teacher

Join us in a cross-cultural ministry opportunity in Spain and experience authentic missionary life, Spain's culture and the ministry of the hosting ABWE missionary.


Alameda Church

Torre Fuerte (Strong Tower) is the newest ABWE Spain work.  It was established in 2013 in the town of Torres de la Alameda.  The church is young and growing, and in 2020 the team began the process of renovations designed to make the church locale a more multi-purposed space design.…

Brilla Café

Brilla Café is a ministry that creates a third-space in our community of Alcalá de Henares, Spain, where deep conversations are held about life and faith, relationships are formed over a good cup of coffee, and Christ is shared and lived out in front of all who enter.…

Cabanillas Church Building

Iglesia Evangelica of Suanzes (the mother church) is in process of purchasing a building for the team to use as a church space. We need to raise $200,000 to complete the renovation and make the space usable. …