Ministry Focus

Evangelism & Discipleship


ABWE was founded on a firm conviction that without evangelism, missions isn’t missions. Every ministry we begin, every project we undertake, and every relationship we develop is geared toward proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost.

However, we know that simply sharing the good news with someone is only part of our calling as missionaries; we’re also called to walk alongside them and make disciples—who will, in turn, form new churches to carry on the mission.

Use Your Passion for Evangelism and Discipleship on the Mission Field

Whether it’s building relationships at a local market, hosting an evangelistic Bible study, sharing the gospel with strangers and neighbors, or helping to deepen the faith of new believers, evangelism and discipleship lie at the core of everything we do.

We also believe that evangelism is most fruitful when it takes place in the context of relationship, trust, and chronological Bible study focused on Christ from Genesis to Revelation.

We need people who are rooted in their faith, willing to take risks, passionate to invest their lives in others, and use each moment of every day to advance the gospel. And because evangelism and discipleship is central to who we are, our missionaries use dozens of supporting ministries to share Christ and make disciples, including:

  • Aviation ministry
  • Business as mission
  • Bible studies
  • Christian camping
  • Community development
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Cross-cultural ministries
  • Education ministries
  • Healthcare
  • Pregnancy resource centers
  • Student ministries
  • Teaching English
  • Youth ministries
  • And more

If you have a heart for the unreached, lost, and hurting, and are passionate about evangelism and discipleship, we want to talk to you.


Is God calling you to use your skills on the mission field?

Opportunities with this Focus

Agricultural Development

Serve as a coordinator for developing agricultural programs that help tribal people move from slash-and-burn farming methods to stable hillside gardens and orchards.

AV Program Coordinator

We are seeking a audio-visual program coordinator to help develop a strategic communication plan for our organization's ministry in South Asia.