Bible Academy Professor


The Position

Our Bible school (Japan Bible Academy, an affiliate of The Master’s Academy International), located in the heart of Tokyo, is looking for qualified professors for our school. A qualified professor would need to have at least an M.Div from an accredited theologically conservative seminary, be able to sign off on our doctrinal statement (which can be found here:, be fluent in Japanese, and be elder-qualified (1 Tim 3:1-1; Titus 1:5-9). Depending on the professor’s experience, he will need to prepare for and teach classes, grade homework, administer tests, follow up with students questions, and handle any administration pertaining to the classes he teaches (e.g. handling uploads of video for lectures, uploading any class materials onto our web-based database, etc.). Additional work may also include translation work and other education related tasks.

The Need

The church in Japan is in dire need for biblically trained leadership, especially pastors. Most of the churches in Japan have pastors that are of retirement age and many of those pastors do not have successors. Also, for various reasons, many pastors that are serving tend to not be very well trained in handling and teaching God’s Word, not to mention the lay people. Japan Bible Academy hopes to reverse that trend and provide inexpensive but high-quality Bible education to both lay leaders and pastors. There is also a lack of good Christian books in the Japanese language. Besides providing classes, we hope to serve the Japanese Christian community by providing solid Bible-based, God-exalting materials in Japanese.

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