The Position

Influence the influencers — that’s what you can do by evangelizing on university campuses in Davao City in the Philippines. Tens of thousands of students from the Philippines, India and other Asian countries are exploring new ideas and forming personal convictions. There is no better intersection for the gospel.
You will serve as a member of a well-established Filipino-led campus ministry.

The Need

Asia represents both the greatest need for the gospel and the greatest potential for the advance of Christ’s Church. Most of the unengaged, unreached people groups are here.

Form relationships with Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and nominal Christian students. Show them the hope and joy that is found only in Christ. Reach them in a country – the Philippines – where there are considerable freedoms to evangelize.

The Impact

These students will be the leaders and employers in their countries for decades to come. May their leadership be for the cause of Christ. This is the most strategic way to reach Asians who comprise 60% of the entire world’s population.

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