Church Planting Team Member


The Position

Church Planting Team Member

The Need

Students of the modern missions movement and ABWE missionaries in Italy know that lasting impact in Western Europe occurs through the prayers and dedicated service of variously gifted men and women over much time. Therefore, our team is strategizing not only its current ministries but also how to mobilize you into a future calling in partnership with us to nurture a church-planting movement in Italy.

We are looking for people who love the local church and realize its central role in glocal (global + local) mission strategies. Our team members have various backgrounds, gifts, experiences, and training, but we share a vision to lift, love, lead, and launch Italians in the context of a grassroots church-planting movement in partnership with Italians.

The Impact

Real missionary service is not glamorous, not even in a beautiful country like Italy. Instead, most missionaries in Western Europe equip themselves for a life as “unworthy servants” (Luke 17:10) in what is a heart-wrenching and often unfruitful ministry.

We are looking for men and women who are willing to work hard and stay the course in a difficult situation. Being teachable is the chief prerequisite. Be prepared for small rewards and multiple frustrations, interspersed with moments of such triumph for the gospel that you spontaneously worship God and do a happy dance. Of certainty is this affirmation: apart from Jesus, we can do nothing (John 15:5) Thus, missionaries in Italy fix their eyes on King Jesus, leaving the results of their various ministries to him. Our calling is to share the gospel faithfully, being living signposts that point others to our kind and worthy Savior. We learn to trust that despite appearances and many challenges, Jesus is building his church in Italy, and you too can participate in the great adventure.

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