English Tutors/ESL Teachers

South Asia

The Position

With its strong and growing economy, and there is a tremendous desire among Southwest Asians to be a part of the progressive world. To join modern society, many Southwest Asians need to learn English. As an English tutor/ESL teacher with ABWE, you can teach a valuable skill while sharing the truth of Christ’s love.

As an English tutor/ELS teacher, you will:

  • Provide one-on-one and small-group English language training to children, teens and adults with patience and expertise
  • Develop meaningful relationships with students and community members that will open their hearts to the truth of the gospel
  • Increase the opportunities for Southwest Asians to seek employment and provide for the needs of their family
  • Share your testimony and love for Jesus and the church, inviting them to join you
  • Support and join fellow workers in the area of church planting and discipleship

The Need

If you are searching for a challenging and rewarding mission opportunity in a dynamic location, Southwest Asia is the place for you. As an ESL teacher or tutor you can provide Southwest Asians with valuable skills, while shining the light of hope into a spiritually dark culture.

The Impact

In your role as an English language tutor or ESL teacher, you can work with ambitious students who crave knowledge and desire a more progressive society, as well as adults seeking to provide a better life for their family. Teaching essential skills while building meaningful relationships is one way to demonstrate and share the love of Christ that impacts an individual spiritually, emotionally, physically and economically, as well as their community and the people of Southwest Asia as a whole.

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