IT Administrator


The Position

Faith International Academy is in need of an experienced network administrator. Use your IT skills to reach Philippino people!

Faith International Academy (FIA), an ACSI accredited K-12 English Language school primarily serving missionary families in Davao City, is looking for secondary Literature and Language Arts Teachers.

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The Need

Faith International Academy’s priority has not changed over the past 40 years; we still focus on providing quality education to parents of Christian ministries. 90% of FIA’s pupils come from these households.
FIA is the top K–12 educational option in Davao City—thanks to its international accreditation, emphasis on teaching kids from families involved in Christian ministry, use of English as a community language, fantastic facilities, athletics, music, drama, and AP courses.
FIA exists to prepare students to live for God in His world through a Christ-centered education.

The Impact

These students will be the leaders and employers in their countries for decades to come. This is the most strategic way to reach Asians who comprise 60% of the entire world’s population.

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