The Position

We’re looking for teachers to join us in northern Thailand! Chiang Rai International Christian School is looking for full time K-12 teachers for August 2023-May 2024. A bachelor’s degree is required. A teaching certificate is preferred but not required. All of our teachers are missionary-teachers and raise financial support or volunteer their time at CRICS. Our greatest teacher needs for the 2023-2024 school year are elementary teachers and secondary language arts teachers. More positions are open as well. Teachers will allow us to teach students of missionary families and local families who are depending on the school for education and so much more. For more info please see:

The Need

The mission of CRICS is to serve missionary families. Having a school for MKs allows missionary families to serve in Thailand long-term. 70% of our students are from servant families. 30% of our students are from local families; these families are primarily Buddhist or non-believing families. We get to share Jesus with these students every day in our classroom and school community. We need teachers in order to be able to serve these families.

CRICS is a hub of Christian unity in northern Thailand. We are united in Christ and able to share Jesus at CRICS and outward through many missionary families in an unreached part of the world.

The Impact

Teachers make a Kingdom difference at all levels. Teachers allow missionary families to serve in Thailand reaching unreached people groups in Thailand and neighboring countries. Teachers impact the students in their classrooms with the love of Jesus and by providing quality holistic education. They impact the families of their students. CRICS teachers are making a difference in Asia.

Ministry Focuses

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