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The Spiritual Need in Thailand

Thailand’s history contributes to its ethnically-diverse landscape and its reputation for religious freedom. Vietnamese, Burmese, Cambodian, and Chinese refugees have found political and religious asylum in Thailand for centuries. With 88% of Thailand’s 70 million people identifying as Buddhist, the Buddhist identity is largely associated with good citizenship. More than 89% of Thai people are considered unreached with the gospel, and those that have heard may be torn between the claims of Christianity and the obligations of the surrounding culture.

Northeast Thailand is one of the most unreached areas of the country. Less than 0.1% of the population in this region profess faith in Christ. These populations thrive on Buddhism, which denies a personal God, promotes benevolent works, and emphasizes reason and enlightenment as a means to salvation. Spirit worship and traditional religion have taken an enormous toll on the spiritual well-being of the Thai people, promoting a culture of fear and power.

Training Thai men and women to lead in ministries and churches is slow, arduous work. Some face pressure from family pressure to recant, while others fear societal persecution if they choose to follow Jesus.

Church Planting In Thailand

Working alongside our national partners, ABWE helps train national leaders, teach lay leaders, and build church-planting teams in urban and rural settings in Thailand. Our team is based in Bangkok and in the Isaan region of northeast Thailand where most of the unengaged people groups are found. There is also great opportunity for youth ministry and teaching English, as well as reaching out in compassion to the country’s women and children victimized by sex trafficking.

Teaching English in Thailand is an effective tool for missionaries to build relationships with Thai leaders and their communities. In 2015, Thailand became a full member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, creating an even greater need for locals to master English as they increasingly engage with Western markets.

ABWE strives to build a strong spiritual foundation in Thailand by strategically positioning English teachers in key towns and cities to assist with church planting in Thailand. We constantly receive requests from government offices, businesses, and schools for English teachers—a path to starting conversations about Jesus.

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Bible Translator

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